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Wildeye Soil Moisture Monitoring

Wildeye Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture monitoring is the simplest and most effective way to determine the best time to irrigate crop or pasture. Being able to monitor the daily change in soil moisture reserves provides the grower with an accurate method for scheduling the next irrigation.

With water trading between $200 – $300 per ML for most of last season, it makes a lot of “cents” to get the most out of every drop. (Pun intended)

Irrigating too early or too late by just 1 day has the potential to cost your business through lost production and wasted water. Irrigators already using soil moisture probes in their system often comment that it has enabled them to stretch out their interval without compromising production. With water valued at $200/ML, decreasing the number of irrigations per season by just one would lead to a cost saving of approximately $100/ha.

Wildeye soil moisture sensors entered the market in 2016 with their low cost service aiming to make soil moisture monitoring more affordable. Their fresh approach to soil moisture monitoring means you can purchase a Wildeye today and rest assured that with a lifetime warranty, you won’t need to purchase new hardware as technology evolves or the battery dies.

The simple yet rugged design of each unit appealed to Onleys who have come on board as a Wildeye Partner.

Most internet connected soil moisture sensors are priced in the thousands of dollars. You can buy your Wildeye online at a revolutionary price and have it delivered to your door. Even better, buy through Onleys dedicated sales URL and receive a $25 discount off the purchase price of each Wildeye.

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