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Land Surveying & Property Services

The Onleys business was founded in 2006 to provide cadastral surveying services to Shepparton and the surrounding districts. Tony, Siv, Ben and Avni continue to provide high quality service with the benefits of a wealth of experience developed from working with councils and other government bodies over this time. Onleys are licenced to perform cadastral surveys in both Victoria and registered in NSW.

Our experienced and capable team, led by licensed surveyor Tony Onley, are here to assist you to realise your property development plans. Whether you are looking to confirm your boundary alignment, excise a rural house lot or create a multi-lot subdivision Onleys can inform and guide you through the process.

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Irrigation Design & Consultancy


If you are looking to improve irrigation or drainage on your rural property, if you are looking integrate a new rural property with an existing property , you need to talk to the Agricultural Design and Consultancy team at Onleys. Looking to complement and develop his cadastral business Tony merged the business with that of John Edwards owner of Goulburn Valley Irrigation Services (GVIS). This business had been operating since 1979. Subsequently Onleys has purchased both Monitor Survey and Irrigation and David Lee Irrigation Services. Today Onleys has the largest footprint of completed Whole Farm Plans in the region. With this footprint comes a vast record of

agricultural survey and design: And the staff and equipment to service new and existing clients.

As leading professionals in the field of agricultural irrigation, Onleys have provided consultation services to Future Flow, NVIRP and we continue to provide consultancy services to the GM-Water Connections program. With this experience Onleys are uniquely placed to provide you with informed advice on connection options you may be presented with.

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Civil Engineering & Construction Support


Onleys has a team of project managers, designers, and field surveyors to complement your construction requirements. Be it design, set out, 3D data files for GPS machine control, construction or tender supervision or as constructed drawings, Onleys can ensure your construction activities are supported with skill and expertise. Onleys are the preferred service providers for many leading civil construction companies. We are members of the GM-Water Project Management Panel, currently providing Project Management services to

landholders with on farm works funded out of the Connection Program.

We can combine both design and project management services to your proposed co – contribution on farm works. Whether you are looking to upgrade your rural infrastructure or you are charged with major civil infrastructure development Onleys are here to assist.

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Precision Agriculture


The business of Agriculture is in a constant state of evolution. Equipment which was once considered the cutting edge of ‘precision agriculture’ such as GPS guidance and yield monitors are now common place on Australian farms. The next phase of the precision ag evolution will be all about information and how it can be used to help you make better decisions.

There are many features of modern, GPS integrated farm equipment which remain relatively untapped. We’re constantly searching for ways we can help you tap into that potential.

Onleys are bringing the very best in ag technology to Australian farms in the form of on-the-go soil mapping and partnering with SST Software’s to provide desktop and cloud based applications.We are now mapping pH, electrical conductivity (EC), yield, drainage and normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) and are continually adding new services. So if you’re interested in variable rate application of fertiliser, seed, lime, gypsum, herbicide or fungicide, contact Onleys to see how easy it can be.

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